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Here I aim to share all the magic and wonder of my world and my writing and my artwork. Read about the gift of universal consciousness that i have been receiving for the past 22 years from the guide i affectionately call "Twitchy". Learn about my very special book "One From The Heart" and read my latest channelled writing as and when it is received. It is always interesting and often very poignant and relevant to a lot of our lives.

Twitchy 24/9/13 ~

"The world is in need of good food for thought upon which to feed. Put your words of wisdom out there on line for all the world to feast upon. Then in time you shall see how your paintings truly are soul food sister that help feed the hungry souls of people in need and that your role of visionary artist is an important role indeed. 
By creating your work and sharing your stories you help other people gain an understanding of their own inner journeys.  You help them to gain an understanding of their own internal landscape and give them a visual language through which their emotions can speak. Archetypal images expressing deeper meanings so often out of reach made clear by your interpretation to help heal with inspiration. Be inspired and Inspirational ~ "

The Art of Al·che·my :
Seeking to transform base metals into gold, transmuting something worthless into something precious. Creating something extraordinary out of the ordinary.
The journey of personal transformation from ignorance to enlightenment ~

Being passionate about colour, pattern and texture, I use truly mixed media such as recycled vintage jewellery, crystals and gemstones, silk flowers and pearl buttons, to help create magical pieces of unique artwork. I paint the plain and simple beauty of life; the shining brilliance and texture of a butterfly wing, an azure sea stretching away to purple mountains. All my paintings are all full of spirit with messages of hope and love that people can carry with them like a precious jewel, making them reflect on the beauty and goodness in their own lives. They are all three dimensional; drawing you into the world of the spirit that is too often hidden or neglected, with a natural calming and healing energy where one can rest and take solace in ones own thoughts and the glory of life!  

Harvest of hopeI can now offer images of my original paintings as prints in a variety of wonderful formats and as beautiful top quality merchandise all designed to bring a little extra magic and uplifting energy into your world. Perfect as gifts for anyone requiring something truly special ~  ideal for the home, office, treatment room, boudoir or handbag, which can all be found in my SHOP

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