About me

12:12:12 was my 50th Birthday ~

Back in 2012 the whole planet was poised and waiting with baited breath to see what the fate of the world would be as 21st December approached and the Mayan calendar came to an end. It was a time of great expectation when the people were actually open and ready to embrace big change. 
Thankfully 21:12:12 came and went and the world is still standing. Major shifts have definitely happened and great changes are continuing to occur as we are now living in the time beyond the Mayan past, we are living in the new present. We are actively forming our futures by living history as we are making it!  A huge paradigm shift has indeed taken place from the old world thinking of limited self belief, disconnection and isolation, to the new ways of CONSCIOUS LIVING encouraging self empowermentreconnection and unity.
The future is ours and is full of Hope ~ 

Follow your Bliss and find your Passion
~ For me these have always been Colour and Pattern, and Travel and Adventure ~
Originally I studied as a fashion designer and have a Masters Degree in Fashion Design from The Royal College of Art in London. After graduating in 1987 I lived and worked in Italy and London, Freelancing in the U.K. Europe and Australia. When I returned to live in the U.K  I taught at the London College of Fashion.

Throughout my life I have been fortunate to travel to many distant places and visit many different cultures. On my travels I have encountered wonderful images and gained a myriad of memories all of which continue to feed my imagination. I have hiked the Himalayas and watched the sun rise over Mount Everest in Nepal, stomped the foothills of Kilamangaro and drank tea with the Massai in Africa. Visited the Volcanoes of Hawaii and swam in phosphorescence in the turquoise Indian Ocean. Marvelled at the Taj Mahal as the sun went down, gazed upon Mount Fuji with sweet jasmine in the air and swam with Giant sea turtles in the South Pacific. Visiting these magnificent places and spending time within their different cultures and being a parent has helped me to develop a deep personal spirituality and great passion for life .

Then after meeting my husband Andrew and having two amazing children, Louis and Florence, I became not only a wife, but a mother too. These have been the 3 major wonderful steps in the evolution of me Miss Claire Saunders from 'Maiden' to Mrs Claire Johnson, Mother, and now in my 50's I am moving into 'Crone'  the final mature phase of female life! In ancient times, the Crone was revered as an older woman who embodied wisdom and power. She knew the truth of cyclic existence. She was the spiritual midwife for those undergoing transition. Crones were healers, teachers, way-showers, bearers of sacred power, knowers of mysteries, mediators between the world of spirit and the world of form. The time has come to fully embrace the role as Matriarch in my world and as a strong feminine guide for my friends and family. My son is now 21 and my daughter has turned 18 which really does indicate that what has been my primary role as mother is now naturally evolving into something new, something even bigger, something very exciting ~
I am fortunate to come from a long line of inspirational psychic women. My great grandmother was an Irish Romany Gypsy, my Grandmother was a gifted clairvoyant and my Mother was a wonderful fine artist and Palm reader. Ever since I can remember I have had a strong sense of having been here before! Then one day back in 1991 whilst visiting a Native American Indian Pueblo in New Mexico called Taos, I spontaneously started channelling a stream of consciousness! I now lovingly refer to this as "Twitchy" as my right arm literally twitches when I am compelled to write. After discovering it was relevant and inspirational to many people we self published it into a very special book of positive guidance called
" One from the Heart " We have subsequently sold thousands of copies by word of mouth alone. My guidance is always a reflection of some aspect or another that is playing out in my own emotional life and that makes it easily accessible to other people when they resonate with a similar emotional or energetic scenario in their own lives. This makes the guidance seem somehow real and extremely personal to a lot of people. I am delighted to say my words of positive guidance have now touched the hearts and minds of a great many people all over the world.

I still receive this beautiful writing on a regular basis and post it on my " Latest Writing " page for everyone to read and enjoy. I also have many volumes of unpublished amazing writing that is still awaiting the right time, format and opportunity to be released out into the world! My mission is to make these wonderfully uplifting channelled words easily available to people everywhere. I am at present creating podcasts and developing an E book, and host my own show on OM Times Media Radio called EQUILARIUM FM so that I can deliver Ancient Wisdom with modern technology and set my channelled words free to sail into the hearts and minds of listeners all around the globe. Filling the world with healing beyond the confines of the physical realm, travelling on a frequency of their own ~    Raising Vibrations Across the Nations ~ Show Archives ~

My Transformational Paintings ~ Journeys of the HEART ~
My paintings speak the silent  Universal language of Colour and Pattern ~ Intricate layers of pigment and paint, interwoven with the unseen matrix of time and emotion, wisdom and experience, energy, LOVE and LIGHT ~ When I first started painting 20 years ago they were more simply acrylic colour on canvas but then the magic really began to flow and they started to evolve into the powerful "Arts of Alchemy" that they are today ~ Accented and embellished with vintage trinkets and treasures, and objects of beauty from the natural world. They often arrive fully formed in my head as finished pieces way before I even approach my canvas to begin to paint. These images sometimes stay in my mind as 'works in progress' for months, even years, until I have gathered all the bits and pieces and details necessary to manifest them into actual paintings. By the delicate use of three dimensional object d’art I break the flat plane of the earthly realm and encourage viewers to journey inwards to access their own emotions. Lovingly crafted, my paintings convey a sense of wonder and awe, interfacing current reality and the magical inner realm of all possibility where Love and peace exist in a beautiful divine harmony. 

They are incredible journeys that I have to undertake, emotional parts of life I have to live and experience before I can understand what the paintings are truly about and exactly how to complete them. Once I have finished the actual painting of the pictures I embellish them with all manner of 3D mixed media. Shattered wing mirrors, tropical seashells, exotic feathers, semi precious crystals, vintage jewellery and beads, organic essential oils and pure 24 carat Gold. This gives them all a truly uniquely magical, Alchemical, mystical energy of their very own! This allows them to serve as wonderful aids to meditation, inspirational portals of Healing where viewers can happily loose themselves and lovingly reconnect to their own source deep within.

They are powerful tools for transformation and navigation as they are outward expressions of the inner emotional landscapes held deep within us all ~