The Vision:~ to create a magnificent BEACON of LIGHT and HOPE~

EQUILARIUM is my exciting Visionary project to build a state of the art High Vibration Holistic Healing Centre ~ Designed to heal the planet as well as the Mind Body and Spirit of Humanity it is to be an inspirational sacred space for individual and global healing ~ 

Specifically designed and built for the purpose of re balancing the flow of all natural energies throughout and within the mind, body and soul as well as for sending positive vibrations directly back into the land. A beacon of good energy and good vibrations that can help anchor the "as is above" light and intuitive wisdom of the heavenly realm to the "as is below" of our precious Mother Earth and all living things in our material world. We are all being asked to become conscious citizens of the planet actively creating the world we wish to be a part of.

For me this means calling the gathering of like minded, like hearted souls to come together and create the most incredible healing HEART centre, a spiritual unification place where PEACE and oneness radiate good vibrations around the globe and across the nations. The project has a specific destination and point of healing where it needs to be, somewhere in Northern California. It wants to be built on sacred ground on the volatile and geo stressed weak point of the planet, the place where it is needed most to deliver harmonious healing energy and vibrations to help counteract and readdress the discordant disruptive energy on the San Andreas fault line.

EQUILARIUM is going to be an amazing NEW type of Architectural Earth Acupuncture designed and built using sacred geometry to 
put good positive healing vibrations back into the planet. It is going to be a type of Empowerment Centre to instruct and ignite the HOPE and self worth of current and future generations. By working with and teaching the incredible healing power and importance of living in High Vibrations.

As you are probably aware we are on a strong curve of our global awakening and everyone is experiencing great change as the whole paradigm of our world is shifting. We have to actively take action to become 'conscious citizens' of the planet not just as inhabitants of our individual states and countries. It should be our United Legacy to do whatever we can all do for future generations and the survival of the planet as a healthy vibrant pleasant land.

We will be looking to provide as much information and education, positive support and guidance to inspire and empower ALL individuals to understand their own energy and how best to use it for the collective common good. 

Here are some interesting pieces of guidance which refer to EQUILARIUM 

 28.1.14 ~ 

The new paradigm requires new thinking, new building and new planning. With the vibrational shift of the planet right unto its core everything that dwells upon its surface and flies within its skies will have to adjust accordingly to survive and to thrive ~

New modes of individual and collective thinking and behaving. New global aims and objectives as well as personal values ethics and goals. New thinking, new collaborations, new combinations, new GOOD vibrations born from new GOOD intentions ~

By returning to the old ways of being in tune with the energies of the Earth the wind, the animals and the elements you can learn to adjust together and form a successful realignment that can carry you all forward as a true symbiosis You must take care of ALL living things ~

The planet is a living thing and her land is sacred and precious. Conscious footsteps taken to heal her open wounds and her bleeding heart will benefit you all far more than any short term pillaging of her minerals and ores, her gas her oil or her gold ~

Tis time indeed to focus on the healing of the planet and of the ecosystem that supports and sustains you all. You have to shift the collective heart from personal gain and greed to what is really genuinely important and in need.

United responsibility and action to heal the planet and ensure the survival of all living things including human kind. The planet has reshapen before and may well do so once more but peoples and nations have also disappeared and become lost in time before. 

Do what you collectively and individually can to ensure that this does not happen again. Call upon all that you know and the powers that be to draw unto yourself a group of inspired and guided individuals who can share your vision and give form and shape to your heart felt ideas.

Tis time my dear to bring your vision to life to bring it to form from the Light and realm of possibilities wherein it does reside. Decree a thing and it shall be done, breath flesh to its bones and it will have begun.  Write out the vision of EQUILARIUM ~

12.2.15 ~

The treasure trove can be found by journeying IN. Go deep, deep, deeper into you and find what your soul purpose truly is.   Find that which eludes your programmed mind, find what makes your own Heart SING. This is what you have come to do, this is what is essentially you, this is what you have come expressly to bring to the world! You are not here by accident you are here by design, you have been existing thus far but NOW is your time to SHINE ~

The Universe has not created you as an isolated random act, as a free radical to roam the world and to travel through life with no aim or purpose. You are an important part of the magnificent whole. Your purpose may not always be clear but trust that there IS one and it is much m
ore important than just being here. Day to day living is one level of existence but you have most definitely not come to conform to the norm ~

You have come to be in the earthly realm but you are not from it! Remember to maintain your connection to the higher source of all things at all times. From this point on high, this point beyond to sky, you will find the answers that will lead the way and show you all how to live your days. Use this guidance to help and guide all others, for your soul sisters and soul brothers will benefit greatly from your unique wisdom and your unique vision ~

Dare to step beyond normal expectation, and dare to encourage all others to do the same. Aim for more, be aspirational and inspirational. Think BIG, BIG, BIGGER and Go for GOLD. Your dreams are SO important and your mission in life should be to manifest them in the world to make it a better place for one and all. See them as real, feel them as real and revisit them regularly to add weight and credence to them all. You can create anything you set your mind to, so set your mind accordingly and CREATE.

You are master creators so create in your minds ALL that you wish to find and Hope to Be. Your mind is a powerful tool that used correctly can deliver all that your heart desires. First find what it IS your heart does truly desire, then use this burning passion and fire to ignite the chain reaction of electromagnetism that is required to create whatever it may be. Big or small the process is the same, just believe it can be done and create your EQUILARIUM ~

16:7:15 ~

Heavens gates are calling, nut not for you all to go rushing in and to leave this earthly realm, but to get on and bring the vital energy and vibration down onto the planet that only usually resides therein. Tis well and truly time to bring the divine Love and Healing and Harmony and understanding down to Earth for it will benefit and enhance the lives of all living things as well as the equilibrium of the planet as a whole. 

Mother Earth is a living thing of the largest scale and she is in need of Heavenly help to heal her bleeding heart and her devastated, excavated lands. She has been somewhat abused and used  in the most uncaring and unconscious of ways. Her minerals and her ores have been ripped from her core and her rivers and seas have been polluted.

Her oceans need cleaning and her wildlife needs time and space to recover, rivers have been dammed and mountains have been blasted, many creatures and
habitats have become extinct and disappeared completely from the face of the Earth. 

Tis time to take action and use the laws of attraction and all other methods possible to become the creators of positive change that you can ALL be. Decide to be a responsible human being and act consciously to aid and assist the restoration, reforestation and reharmonisation by Raising Vibrations Across ALL the nations ~

Tis time to step up your game in the name of sustaining LIFE in all its beauty and all its glorious variety. Do what you can to help your fellow man and to improve he Mind, Body and Spirit of Humanity if you can. Share your ideas and ambitions, your aims and ideals then anyone else who feels it is the right thing to do to support you and help you can join in and share your goal.

Share your vision , share your mission to restore Peace and Harmony with Love and understanding then powers that be will provide the prosperity and the funding, the right circumstances and favourable situations that will enable you to effect the greatest changes ever to give EQUILARIUM it's birth and bring Heavenly harmonic vibrations to Earth ~ 

19.7.15 ~

You are right to let your imagination run free to see what could possibly BE ~ Do not stop your chain of thought or conform to what you have been taught is the right way or time frame for anything to be done, for that limiting old way of thinking has no idea of what is set to come ~

VISIONARY THINGS are about to materialise out of clear blue skies right before your very eyes! There is pure magic at play and so who can say what or when or how these magnificent happenings will occur. Who can possibly know how or when they will come to pass for they are not given to the usual run of the mill restrictions and conditions for they are from beyond the beyond and are a law unto themselves.

TRUST that your ideas are guided and supported. Believe in yourselves and your own abilities to make changes and adapt to variations in your current reality. Be the creators you know yourselves to be. Actively form your futures instead of passively passing your present. Live with a vested interest in the future of your selves and the whole world not just as a victim of your fate and your egos limited comfort zone ~

DARE to think BIG, BIG, BIGGER and dare to go there! Pursue a thing until it's end my friend and the whole world will benefit from your bigger picture. Delicately raise the sinking Heart of humanity. Give HOPE to as many people as possible for there is a lot of dark depression and despair everywhere. People have become SO disconnected from source from any sense of what is right and good for them or their environment by having to focus SO strongly on the art of survival.

They have thus far been sadly misled, been over fed poor foods with damaging effects that cut them off from any natural sense of knowing. They continue to exist, to function as it were at the lowest of lows. They have no aims or objectives other than instant gratification, intoxication, obliteration, people are often trapped in their own isolation and know not how to return to a sense of belonging. 

Helping to raise the vibrations of individual souls helps them to become more centred in their own hearts which is a brilliant place to start, but to raise vibrations across the nations is an even greater aim to achieve. Think of the relief you can give by setting more individuals on the right path to connecting with their own hearts as well as to the hearts and minds of their fellow beings, as well as to the soul of the Earth and the source in the Sky ~

Lift their spirits high, high, high! Tis indeed time to step up the game for the next level is ready to begin. SPEAK your truth, BE your truth, and thy will BE DONE for the time is right right now for Heavenly Healing to come to Earth. Tis time indeed to give Equilarium it's birth, share your vision for it will find its mark. People will be ready and waiting to help with its creation for tis a Universal request that it be built by every nation.