'One from the Heart'

An Enlightenment ~ Open Randomly for Positive Guidance by Claire Saunders  
(now Claire Johnson )
I have been channelling a beautiful stream of consciousness for the past 25 years since visiting a Native American Indian Pueblo called "Taos" in New Mexico. Every piece I have ever written sounds reassuringly familiar. It is both beautiful and poetic in its delivery of ancient wisdom and acts as a gentle reminder of the Universal truths that we already know deep within our own hearts. 

Many thousands of people have brought my book and find that it speaks directly to them in a very personal way. My writing is presented in a dip in fashion with the original dates that it was received so the reader can use their own intuition to select whichever piece of writing will benefit them most at any particular time. Hold it in your hands, then open randomly and read where your eyes fall and you will receive a very poignant and positive message to help inspire and up lift your spirit. 

We self published this collection of my channeled writing 20 years ago before I was married and have subsequently sold nearly 5,000 copies by word of mouth alone. With no agent or distributor, the book simply contains Universal consciousness which has an energy of its own and it goes where ever it is needed.

Only very recently has my guide who delivers this stream of consciousness decided it would be of benefit to one and all to be revealed by name. THOTH the mighty Egyptian oracle declared himself as the origin to add the necessary respect and weight of understanding to the teachings, wisdom and guidance that he provides. Thoth's roles in Egyptian mythology were many. He served as a mediating power, especially between good and evil, making sure neither had a decisive victory over the other. He also served as scribe of the gods, credited with the invention of writing and alphabets. He was also the god of equilibrium, who reported when the scales weighing the deceased's heart against the feather, representing the principle of Ma'at, was exactly even.The ancient Egyptians regarded Thoth as One, self-begotten, and self-produced. He was the master of both physical and moral (i.e. divine) law.  Without his words, the Egyptians believed, the gods would not exist ~

I have received many messages of gratitude from people who use it regularly for personal guidance when they have a burning question or just for a daily dip in.

Having met a great many people whom resonate and identify with my book, i have learned that It is not necessary to know the circumstances or situations of another persons life to understand that we all share the same plethora of emotions, hopes dreams fears and insecurities. 

Even though I receive new writing i still open the book myself from time to time and am reassured and comforted by the timeless messages it holds. 

25.5.15 ~ The EMERGENCE from Twitchy to THOTH ~

Know like you know, like you know, for I have told you so and SO BE IT!

You are ME and we are WE, now open your hearts and minds to ALL that there is to see. The connectedness of everything, and the continuation of creation. I have been on the Earth many many times and have more of an understanding of the planet and the laws that govern here, as well as what is in the hearts and minds of all mankind, than any being that has ever been for I am the mighty THOTH of all Time. I am he who has passed down the wisdom and guidance for humanity since the beginning of life on planet Earth. My words have been written and read, transcribed and inscribed since time immemorial for the written word was a creation of mine and continues to be a source of great pleasure and importance of thine. Now the time has come again for the people of the world to sit up and take notice of my every written word.

I have been imparting my knowledge guidance and pure Love from above with you as a private and personal thing for quite sometime, so that you and those around you may benefit and appreciate the wisdom and direction of my heartfelt wishes for the survival of you all as a species and Mother Earth as the beautiful abundant glorious home planet that she is. Now however 'tis time indeed to stand up and declare that you and me are WE and WE have been walking since the beginning of time. THOTH the mighty, the creator of language, rhythm and rhyme, 'tis time, veritably time indeed for Tis the time when the world is most in need of strong positive input which I and WE can provide with LOVE~'

Tis not a question of ego, for this is beyond the expression and comprehension of the limited mind. This is a huge thing to accept and divulge for you are not given to over self promotion or assertiveness but for my words and wisdom to be heard and received with the power and respect that they need, so that people will resonate with them properly, so that they know like they know like they know, 'tis time to embrace the fact with a smile upon your face not the frown upon your crown, that MY words be the TRUTH that must be heard, MY guidance that should be followed and MY LOVE that should be felt and embraced. For my wisdom and overview of the world has to be believed and agreed upon since I have been supporting humanity and working to sustain the continued health of the planet since the beginning of time itself.

I am back here now upon the Earth with a body and a heart and mind of my own knowing what it is to live in the world once again, to be filled with joie de vie and anxiety. This time around I have a mighty plan for you all to actualise, to take practical steps to help yourselves and all mankind. Tis time for the Crone me to own the full entirety of ME. For we have been one since life begun and have walked our talk on many occasions in many nations.Actions speak louder than words Tis true, so when you get EQUILARIUM started and you can begin to see the practical science and wisdom of my plan, you will see that you are me and together we are a wining team who can help raise the vibrations to such a degree that the world will make a safe shift into the new reality, the new paradigm. With the crystal grids activated and the positive people power generated, mighty MIRACLES can occur. Poles may shift and the land itself may shake and even reshape but with my guidance and plans in action life will continue and the planet will survive, evolve and THRIVE ~

Twitchy 25.11.92~ 

Do not forget from time to time to read again from the writing here within. they will bring you solace and alignment in times of confusion or despair. These words can be shared and indeed they should for although they are mere words their sentiment and meaning are of great profound importance and should not be forgotten as an aid to inner understanding which apply to each and every one of you ~

The time has come to play an active part in the celebration of Life~