Creative HEArt Workshop 25th & 26th July 2015

By Claire Johnson   MA Des R.C.A

~Journey inward and discover the full spectrum of your soul ~

Unleash your inner artist and create the colourful world you desire 

We are delighted to offer an exciting Creative HEArt Weekend workshop 25th & 26th July for all beginners and experienced artists or anyone interested in exploring or expanding their own creativity. 
This is a wonderful opportunity to say unto the world ALL that your heart 
has been longing to share through the use of pattern and colour. Come join us and embark upon a joyful journey of self discovery to find the beauty and light within your HEArt and the unique artistic expression of your soul. This workshop is specially designed to maximise the amazing healing energy of colour. By working with crystals, meditation and chakras we will be developing and encouraging your own powerful creative flow with the playful use of mixed media, and a lot of fun and positivity ~
 ~CREATIVE HEArt Workshop ~
Everybody has an inner artist, one who just needs a little encouragement, direction and self-belief. This weekend, choose to pursue your own creative independence, dare to journey inwards and explore your own CREATIVE HEArt. This exciting workshop presents the tools; the simple steps and guidelines that everybody needs to create their own authentic colourful selves. Come and have fun discovering your hidden creative passion with a close group of like minded individuals. We will help you develop a trust in your own creativity and to expand your artistic potential. You will be introduced to the sheer joy of colourful expression and guided to explore the playful use of mixed media to create a piece of truly unique Art from your own HEArt ~ 
Perfect for individual creative exploration or as a wonderful shared experience with a friend

Special Creative HEart Weekend price £300

Two days 10am - 4pm includes:

* Introduction to use of Colour and mixed media.
* An inspirational starter kit supplying all basic materials.
* Tuition to harness the therapeutic energies of colour, crystals and chakras.
* Instruction how to create your own sacred space.
* Tuition or guidance to create your own artwork
* Two vegetarian lunches + afternoon tea with fresh cakes and refreshments.
* PLUS a complimentary signed copy of "One From The Heart"

To book your place or for all enquiries regarding workshops please email
Workshop to be run at the Koorana Centre in the picturesque village of Ardingly, West Sussex 
the heart of the South of England.

For accommodation advice and information on the Koorana Centre please contact or call +44 (1444)810295

~ We look forward to guiding you to your creativity and beyond ~