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31st October 2013

Breath deeply into your fear allow all panic and concern to only be a vehicle to learn that which is holding you captive. For once you have identified your assailant then you can collect your thoughts and ideas and focus beyond your own false horizon.

25th October 2013

Tis nobler of the mind to peruse ideals and ideas of a higher kind than to be bound to the earth by false ideas of low self worth. Tis nobler of the Heart to be open and Loving, giving and forgiving, helping and healing, guiding and leading openly right…

16th October 2013

The truth that is within your heart is bursting to be known. The Love that has no bounds is like a billowing sail and will take your soul across any open sea on the journey of your life.

14th October 2013

That for which you are about to receive you will all feel extremely grateful indeed. For its assistance will relieve the resistance to you flying away alone.

7th October 2013

Here we are again with a clean clear page and a good strong pen~ Cusping your new reality breaking through the false limitations your personality has created to restrict your soul~ Set yourself FREE to reach ANY goal.