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10th February 2017

The full moon brings out the full depth and breadth of emotions. Tears and Fears of things the future may yet be holding, well-up inside and can no longer hide in the shadow of your confidence and your smile. For a while the sadness is released, the positivity is ceased, and you are faced with the doom and gloom of the darker side of life. 'Tis a strange parody for in reality there is more light around and clarity to be found with the full moon shining bright than on any other night. 

However the gravitational pull of the moon is deeply powerful and clever. It governs the tides of the great seas and oceans as well as the highs and lows of the waves of human emotions. What it brings up and out in you all should be released and let go to float away. Do not dwell too long on the dark thoughts and feelings. Go more with the flow of the swell of positivity that the silver light of the moon does illuminate upon the horizon. Make that what you set your eyes on for there is a mighty wave of ABUNDANCE and JOY heading your way and will be with you any day ~ 

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