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10th June 2014

You and the land are one, you and the sea and the sun. You and the stars, Venus, Jupiter and Mars ~
You are all connected and interconnected, you are one with all time space and everything in the Universe.
'Tis only an illusion that you are separate from the whole, that you are isolated and alone during your time on planet Earth. You are never truly alone for you are all here on the same planet, having the same life experience in the same human form. Look for all the similarities you have in common rather than focussing on your differences and using them to create separateness and insecurity. 

The world would be a very dull place if you all had identical bodies with one generic face! Imagine how bland life would be if you all shared the same personality! If you all liked and disliked the very same things, If you all held the same hopes fears and ideals. If you all laughed at the same thing and all burst into tears for the same reasons. Imagine what the world would be like if your weather only had one season? How plain and dull that would be, if there was only ever one type of sea. No variations of anything, temperature, wind, snow, ice or rain. Imagine if every day were identical to be experienced over again and again and again.

Learn to see and appreciate ALL the variety in your world. The colourful people, the mixed emotions, the constant changing of everything, the coming and going of the seasons, the ebbing and flowing of the sea. The cycles of the moon, the movement of the planets, the migration of the birds, the changing face of fashion, the different looks, the different recipes and flavours from different regions and cooks. Enjoy the varieties of everything around. Human nature reflects the diverse creativity of Mother Nature. She excels in creating a myriad of life in different forms, from single cell amebas, to great blue whales, butterflies, elephants and zebras. Tropical fish in exotic colours, fauna and flora to delight the senses, beautiful flowers and fruits that fill the air with sweet perfume and delicious flavours. Celebrate your differences as an expression of nature. 

Delight in the various ways that your matter has been created in form. You are all made of the same energy in density that creates you in form. That is your normal state, you are all human in form. Therefore you are all exactly the same regardless of your colour, creed, size, shape or gender. All else is a celebration of variety and should be seen and appreciated as such. You are one with all things as well as each other. Your survival and the continue survival of the planet as a healthy life sustaining organism are totally intrinsically linked. 

You cannot thrive or survive at the expense of one another, sister or brother, animal, vegetable or mineral.
You cannot continue to pillage the land for all its valuable mineral assets and fill the air with tonnes and tonnes of invisible toxic gasses. You cannot take care of yourself on a short term basis, you have to consider the long term effect on Mother Earth, the oasis of the Universe. For when it too has become destroyed and devoid of life sustaining conditions and environment then it will be too late to contemplate your actions and the error of your ways. THESE are the days! The moments for future reflection to see how and why you should ALL change your approach to your daily lives and to the possible and pending demise of mankind and your beautiful home planet Earth ~ 
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