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10th June 2016

'I AM ALL that I AM' is a mighty powerful decree for it allows you to BE ALL that you have come to BE. It enables you to truly own the magic and mystery, secret hopes and dreams of your full potential and your limitless possibilities, that have been thus far out of sight and out of mind in your shadow zone. Own your TRUE greatness, own your FULL potential, own ALL the parts of yourself that you think you have to hide or put aside to be accepted and survive in the world.

The time has come with the glorious golden light of the sun to illuminate and liberate ALL the aspects of yourself and your completeness, that have been thus far hiding in the darkness. With the misguided aim of protecting your soul, these false limitations upon your Divine oneness and supreme, sublime, greatness, you have been holding yourselves back from achieving your true goals. Your blueprint has a Divine Plan for your soul to achieve in its life time on the Earthly realm. 

Release your own blocks, remove your own restrictions and move forward with great LOVE, great HOPE, and great BELIEF in your own completeness, leap head long into your future with great conviction. BE ALL that you have come to BE ~  BE the I AM ALL THAT I AM of ALL TIME! Do not fret or worry about how the world will receive you, just BE you in the most authentic way your heart would truly LOVE to BE. Let all falseness drop away from your minds eye and your efforts to try to fit in, to please other people, to be who and what and how you think others would like and prefer you to BE ~

BE Joie de Vie ~ Enjoy yourself on a daily basis. Set yourself the mission to be the GREATEST you can BE. That means allowing your own heart to sing, and to brim over with AGAPE LOVE for yourself and everything else in the world. All others, all animals, all nature, all opportunities to love, to learn and to grow. Share your wisdom, share your light and help all others to awaken from their self imposed night. Where their true greatness and full potential have been sleeping in their own shadows. Help them to work through their doubts and fears by shining as a beacon of HOPE encouraging them to BE the GREATEST they can BE ~

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