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10th May 2018

TRIUMPH is in the skies so keep your thoughts and feelings aiming HIGH✨
'Tis the state of OVERCOMING, of Achieving and Succeeding against the odds. 'Tis a Positive outcome from a challenging situation, circumstance or state of mind. It can be the result of persistence and endurance and consistent belief in a POSITIVE outcome 

It can take the briefest passage of time to achieve, or it can be a lengthy drawn out conclusion to an extended period of struggle and confusion. TRIUMPH above all else is the result of mighty lessons learned and wisdom gained heralding a GREAT CELEBRATION! 'Tis the Greatest end result of prolonged focus and intention. 

Be BOLD and Be BRAVE for you will be TRIUMPHANT in ALL that you do and pursue, if it comes from the HEART. LOVE conquers Everything and 'tis the most powerful and mighty energy in the Universe and beyond ~ You will not go wrong and cannot fail if you connect with this infinite source, for GOOD will prevail and LIGHT will always dispel Darkness with its Brightness and Illumination. 
So L E A P forward without hesitation❤️✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
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