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10th November 2013

10.11.13 ~ Swaziland ~ South Africa.

Well here you are in ancient African lands~
Where the rhythm of the people goes hand in hand with the fauna and flora and wildlife of their native land. Tune in to the rocks in the ground and the heartbeat of the Lion for the beat goes on and on. Open up your hearts and minds to the wonders all around for there is magic everywhere.
Perfect your skills and create magnificence will your own free wills ~
You have all it takes within yourselves to manifest Heaven on Earth.
Raise your own expectations and sense of self worth for you are some of the most precious things on the planet and should value yourselves as such. Not in a superior kind of way but in full appreciation of the gift of life that you are given every single day. So make the very most of everything, sight, sound, sense, hope, fear, kiss, tear for they are the jewels in the crown of Being Here ~
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