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11th April 2015

Elusory, luminary, visionary ~ seeing the unseen being the un been! Tis time indeed for a mighty metamorphosis from the known perceived self to the unknown beautiful winged creature that can fly fly fly unconditionally in the limitless open sky ~ Tis the point in time where your personal myth becomes your truth, your new reality.

It takes one to know one. It takes a magical mystical being to truly transform the mythical into reality, so celebrate your ability to transform and perform for NOW is the time to turn up your inner light and SHINE as brightly as you can. Do not judge yourself by your fellow man, for you are an individual on the inside and you can achieve far more than you perceive you possibly can.

Individual spirits can soar and encourage others to follow by leading by example for sure. The purity and clarity of a beautiful voice inspires lesser singers to join in and sing along, to sing the same song with joy in their hearts even if their tone or pitch is not as good or as perfect as the original source. This is what being inspired truly is, it lights a fire within your own heart and encourages you to take part for the joy of joining in, of having a go, of sharing in the magic of the song, the dance, the film, the book, the story, the race of life ~ 

Tis all about inspiring and encouraging all others, soul sisters and soul brothers by leading by example. Therefore you yourself have to first find the courage to take the leap, to discover you have wings and that you can fly so that others too will dare to leap and give it a try. Be BRAVE, OPEN YOUR WINGS and Fly ~ Fly ~ Fly ~
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