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11th December 2016

Tis the veritable time of year when Ascension is near for people open their hearts and minds more than at any other time. Wishing goodwill to all men and for PEACE upon the Earth raises vibrations everywhere. A heightened spiritual connection can be found by one and all as extra Love and Light abound. Tis time to connect to the HEARTS of ALL things and of all mankind. To release all negativity, judgement and frustration and to embrace the unity and oneness of every nation. One LOVE ~  as above so below. Tis time to let go of any sense of separation, isolation or disorientation for you are home ~

Home being bathed in GOLDEN LIGHT. Home being back in the vibration of LOVE. Home back in the zone of TRUST, for Heavenly Light and protection are within you all. Once you awaken to the knowledge that they exist within yourselves you can create magic far greater than Santa's elves! You are ALL powerful beings of Light and Creation. Use your Love and Light with great generosity and jubilation to help spread Joy and Love from heaven above, across yours and every nation. By raising your own vibrations higher than high, your spirits can soar once more, your can be GOLDEN to your core and fly beyond the sky ~ ✨✨✨✨
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