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11th July 2016

Come rain or shine most of the time you are all doing fine. Right now however with this inclement weather it is more important than ever to maintain a clear view ahead and a positive state of mind. There is indeed magic in the air and many, many rainbows everywhere if you allow yourself to see the beauty and possibility that can be created out of these tumultuous skies. Miracles can arise and happen before your very eyes so look to the skies with ever hopeful hearts and open minds for all is not what it seems and you are about to realise your wildest dreams ~

There are possibilities everywhere and opportunities for you to leap ahead and transform your daily lives in ways that have not been available to you before. ALIGNMENT is KEY and the patience you have had to learn will serve you well in the future.  For the knowledge and wisdom that you have been given will all come into play along the way, but it is All in Divine Timing. For the workings of the world are beyond your comprehension and control. TRUST is the MUST with which you can allow your golden futures to unfold. ALL is as it is meant to be so have FAITH, BE positive and wait-and-see! 
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