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11th May 2014

Ever get the feeling something is about to happen and been right? Well now more than ever you will be able to tell!
Tune in to the moon, to the ebbing and flowing of your everyday knowing and you will be able to see that it is not absurd to bring to the world the art of prophecy. With a strong sense of knowing it IS time to get going and to bring yourself forth to be seen, and to have your voice heard.

The written word does indeed have its place as does the spoken guidance and painted picture forms, video films and magical sound bites, dip in cards and other means of divination. Help is at hand for every nation in whichever format serves them best. It may well be a combination of all the rest!
Do what you can to serve your fellow man. Spread your wings and let your wisdom fly.
Open your heart and let the Universe carry your Love and Light to places where its day and places where its night.

Allow your sisters and brothers to help spread your words for there are many people in great need of positive guidance and support. Many people will be extremely grateful to hear your words, many more than you might have thought! Take obvious actions and simple steps to share your words of Universal wisdom. The time is right and people are ready and waiting and expressly willing to help so do what you need to do to make a start,
then the sharing can begin from the HEART ~

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