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11th November 2017

‘Tis time again for remembering that LOVE and LIFE are never ending. LOVE is the constant that feeds the Ebb and Flow of LIFE. ‘Tis within the Heart the spark of Life does start for ‘tis the gift of heavenly LOVE sent from above.‘Tis the DIVINE Magic of creation. Pure LOVE is the most powerful thing in existence for it is the deepest origin of your start, of being here in this body, at this time, in this moment.

Yet it too exists beyond all time and space dimensions and reality, it is in and of itself the most powerful thing ever. ‘Tis beyond all measure of emotions or even devotion, it is the most magical part of the potion of Life. They are one and the same for ALL things are connected and interconnected. As all lives are connected and interconnect ‘Tis time to embrace the idea and Universal Law that you are All ONE

ONE LOVE ~ One collective Whole, One World, One Individual soul in One Whole of Humanity and existence. One Universe in One Multiverse. One person in your family tree, One branch of the whole, One leaf on the tree of ALL Humankind. ONE HEART ✨ONE ENLIGHTENED MIND ✨DIVINE✨✨✨
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