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11th September 2015

Criminal minds will in time create crime as much as Peaceful warriors create change through peaceful means. For what you truly concentrate upon will in energetic form one day become. Visualise the world you wish to see, visualise the world you wish to be a part of ~ See your way ahead as a paradisiacal place where PEACE reigns supreme and you are truly living the dream ~

Send loving thoughts towards your future, towards your planet, towards your Life. Do NOT get stuck bemoaning the present, your lack, your frustration or your pain, for your subconscious is a mighty creator and provider and will keep building and supplying to your demands, to your commands. Decide to change your requirements and put in a NEW order to the Universe and it will indeed deliver all that you genuinely resonate with.

Do not allow your brain to return again and again and again to the all too familiar aspects of your life that do not serve your purest, happiest, most loving vision for your own success and happiness. Skip through your current reality as lightly as you can. Try not to put yourself so fully down amongst the negativity and angst. If there are circumstances and situations, people and thoughts that are NOT what or how you would like them to be, go beyond them in your mind and see a better more harmonious and pleasing life ahead for yourself.

See NO problems in your path and there will be none. Keep on looking towards the golden light of the sun, see your whole life and heart bathed in the liquid GOLD that is pure Abundance and Healing, and start feeling brighter, lighter and more positive and hopeful for your own happiness and joy. Graciously wish PEACE to all others, wish them LOVE and ABUNDANCE and JOY.

Smile and the world smiles with you. Even if you are suffering in someway in your current reality see your future as clear and free of all such trouble and strife. You are responsible for creating your own LIFE ~ 
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