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12th August 2017

When you give in to the flow and allow it to take you where you know, like you know, like you know, you are destined to go, then a great relief can be found in the surrendering of your resistance. You can accept the persistence of the current that you can feel is real, as the Universal force that will lovingly carry you forwards from where you are now to where you are truly meant to BE. 

To the time and the place where you can truly become ALL you have come to BE. You are all here by design and this IS your time to TRUST, that you are all destined to BE so much more than your limiting self belief will allow you to see you are capable of being or becoming. TRUST that forward movement and change is a MUST for expansion cannot take place in the place you have outgrown. So move with confidence into the great unknown, and make that your new comfort zone.  

Wondrous things lay up ahead so it is time indeed to pick up your anchor, and allow the breeze to take you with great ease out across the wide open seas, to whatever will be your next adventure. Be open to ALL possibilities and sail with confidence into uncharted seas. TRUSTING that these mighty winds of change will be the very driving force you need, to help you achieve great speed and to carry you swiftly towards the next evolution of YOU, and to whatever will BE your New reality ~ 
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