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12th February 2015

The treasure trove can be found by journeying IN. Go deep, deep, deeper into you and find what your soul purpose truly is. Find that which eludes your programmed mind, find what makes your own Heart SING. This is what you have come to do, this is what is essentially you, this is what you have come expressly to bring to the world! You are not here by accident you are here by design, you have been existing thus far but NOW is your time to SHINE~

The Universe has not created you as an isolated random act, as a free radical to roam the world and to travel through life with no aim or purpose. You are an important part of the magnificent whole. Your purpose may not always be clear but trust that there IS one and it is much more important than just being here. Day to day living is one level of existence but you have most definitely not come to conform to the norm ~

You have come to be in the earthly realm but you are not from it! Remember to maintain your connection to the higher source of all things at all times. From this point on high, this point beyond the sky, you will find the answers that will lead the way and show you all how to live your days. Use this guidance to help and guide all others, for your soul sisters and soul brothers will benefit greatly from your unique wisdom and your unique vision ~

Dare to step beyond normal expectation, and dare to encourage all others to do the same. Aim for more, be aspirational and inspirational. Think BIG, BIG, BIGGER and Go for GOLD. Your dreams are SO important and your mission in life should be to manifest them in the world to make it a better place for one and all. See them as real, feel them as real and revisit them regularly to add weight and credence to them all. You can create anything you set your mind to, so set your mind accordingly and CREATE.

You are master creators so create in your minds ALL that you wish to find and Hope to Be. Your mind is a powerful tool that used correctly can deliver all that your heart desires. First find what it IS your heart does truly desire, then use this burning passion and fire to ignite the chain reaction of electromagnetism that is required to create whatever it may be. Big or small the process is the same, just believe it can be done and create your EQUILARIUM ~


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