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12th July 2015

Sometimes the road to enlightenment is a smooth and gentle ride and at others times it is a rocky and unpredictable journey that is extremely challenging and takes you from the known world out onto the wild side!  To the road less travelled, the steeper mountain climbs that can be arduous and demanding and yet ultimately worth all the hard work and effort for the incredible views you are granted from the giddy heights the mountain peaks can provide. Life is good, Life is sweet, so keep on going with a happy Heart and an Open Mind as you climb and climb to reach the summit peak ~

Great things are truly coming and are well and truly on their way. Keep your focus on all that your Heart would wish to achieve, believe it can be done, and take the natural obvious steps to see that it IS done! Rest when that is what is needed and plan your steps carefully to ensure  your safe arrival and passage across unknown terrain. Gather yourself up and set forth again when you are ready to step up the pace and get your show on the road. Know like you know, like you know, that you are guided and protected every step of the way ~
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