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12th May 2015

From time to time your life does chime with the notions and vibrations from the Angels on high ~
You know when this does indeed transpire for your personal vibration appears higher. You know you are more strongly connected to source so you can be bold, and brave, and confident as you step out into he world as a matter of course. When you do indeed act upon the notions, and take steps to fulfil your souls life purpose, your day to day living will become quite thrilling and filled with Love and Joy.

The pace of life may be changing too from day to day. You may well feel that time is flying by and that great connections are happening without even having to try. The more you open your HEART the more powerful you become as creator. You start to actively draw all that you need unto yourself like a magnetic laser beam. Like a golden magnet you pull unto yourself all the Health Wealth and Prosperity you need to succeed on your Divine mission. Beam it from your HEART. Love everything and everyone, it is the quickest way to start receiving,
by giving out all the Love you can to help the world and your fellow mankind.

For to pursue your calling the Universe will smooth your way, giving you signs and confirmation every day that you are on course, and will conspire to organise and realise all the connections and situations you require. Allow the naturalness of life to progress in the total understanding that it will unfold exactly as it is meant to be. Take all obvious actions, follow the signs and guidance you are given to maximise the potential of the possibilities the Universe has arranged. You can and will achieve that which your soul and Heaven agree is your true life's calling,
tis your HEARTS destiny. 
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