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12th November 2014

Lovingly release all heartache pain and grief. Release, Release, Release.
If you are filled with FEAR how can all the bountiful abundance of the Universe come into your sphere? Release all past judgment deeply held within yourself, release all the false limitations you hold about receiving all the riches and success that you so rightfully deserve. Release your false ideas about lowly self worth for you are one of the most precious of all beings here on earth!

Change your old patterning and leap out of the ties that bind and free yourself to expand into the fullness of who you truly came to Be. You have been playing small and it has given you a well grounded idea and understanding of life thus far, but now is the time to shed this persona and to reveal your true self unto the world as the amazing being of light that you truly are! 
Shine bright for you really are a STAR

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