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12th October 2014

Tis veritably a time indeed when expansion is the key to all your progress and success. 
Expand your goals and expand your souls. Tis time to move beyond the limits of the known world
and explore and experience the true wonders of the universe. Break free from all the false restrictions
that society and self have imposed upon your beautiful free spirit. 

Set it Free once more to be all that it is yearning to be and you will be amazed and delighted
by who your soul has truly come to BE. Great things are in store but you have to dare to take the steps
towards them all. Move forward with confidence and courage.
Tis definitely time to free your mind and go with great TRUST towards that which you truly Love. 

Keep on believing in yourself and the guidance you are given. Be driven by your own passion,
by your own hearts desire. May your ambition to be the greatest you can BE come to fruition
and be the spark that lights the ignition for many more souls to wake up and believe in themselves
and their own abilities to reach their own goals. Start the chain reaction that will lighten up the world. 
Tis time to open your heart and allow its song to be heard.

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