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12th September 2014

12:9:14.      Henfield

You are rightly excited to get this thing ignited to set the world alight with rhythm and rhyme
that can inspire the mind, sooth the heart and touch the soul ~

Send Peace and Love around the globe as modern technology can. Encourage all people to put down their weapons and to greet each other with open hearts and gentle minds. Share your words of kindness to relieve as much pain and suffering as you can. People are scared and confused and are looking for guidance and direction. They need reassurance and a sense of Heavenly protection. 

Many people are experiencing great changes in their lives and have made great shifts in their own consciousness already. Many more too are ready and willing but do not know how or where to begin the long journey within that will ensure the warmth of the eternal sun to sooth their suffering and discontent and allow them to shine brightly   from their core.

'Tis of vital importance that your words be heard for they can deliver great comfort and healing in a manner you can not fully comprehend. TRUST that the right people will be drawn into your path so that help will be at hand. Circumstances and situations will occur that will endeavour to enhance your progress and you shall move along with the greatest of ease as the stepping stones appear.

People will be delighted to play their part in the spreading of the Light that can illuminate the path
and bring Hope to the Hearts and minds of so many ~

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