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13th March 2016

With a total eclipse of the Sun night and day become one ~ even for the briefest time they do align and it can appear that the end of the world is here. For primeval  fear is ever near and the idea that the beautiful light that sustains our lives and maintains the balance and support is withdrawn, makes us all forlorn for it strikes an unease within our cellular memory of ancient ancestral fears that have been within us for thousands of years~

There is no rational reason for quite how or why it strikes so deep, and keeps us in a state of chaotic release from all that we have held so deep. It is a time when all your own darkness momentarily blocks out your own sun. It comes into view right out in the open bold and powerful, and clearly observable in your world. It can bring all that you have known crumbling around you for the darkness and fear are SO firmly rooted in your core. For their presence and negative effects can ruin your greatest dreams and scare you all into scarcity rather than allowing you to wholy believe you are safe to receive all the Abundance that is your birthright.

With the light of the sun momentarily replaced by the cover of darkness it seems like the inner doubting voice was right all along! That you cannot sustain and maintain everything through positivity and light. For what if the darkness became SO strong it could extinguish the light and turn even the brightest day into the darkest night? But it is fleeting, merely one passing the other, not permanent or lasting or detrimental in any way shape or form.

What it does to the human psyche though cannot be underestimated or fail to be acknowledged for it can strike the greatest note of fear and appear to knock the living daylights out of you all ! In point of fact it brings the deepest held LIMITING BELIEFS  out of the darkness of your mind and bathes them in the glorious brightness of the sun. It brings them up and out into the open for clearing and for healing. Once you have identified them in the golden glorious light of the sun, they can be released and replaced with NEW EMPOWERING beliefs that WILL serve you and place positivity in your core.

SO much more helpful, useful and essential to feed your soul, to give you all the strength and support you need to achieve ALL that you can BE.  Allow this powerful cosmic occurrence to be the greatest Catalyst it can BE to help you release once and for all, those deepest darkest little doubts and negative thoughts and beliefs about yourself, that have been secretly holding you back from achieving your full greatness and from becoming ALL that you can BE. Tis time now to allow this darkness to PASS as it does when the moon eclipses the sun. It moves on over and the sun regains its brightness. SHINE SHINE SHINE now your darkness is gone. 

Do not believe what was revealed for tis not real. Tis only ancient FEAR ~ False. Evidence. Appearing. Real. Bring it into your minds eye to be seen and RELEASED. REPLACE the space with RICHLY empowering thoughts and beliefs and shine brighter and further  than you have ever done before! Tis A time of massive ancestral clearing which means the release of all that they had been fearing for millennia. Well done you for allowing this process to be done. It is a great job which is one reason your soul has chosen to come to Earth at this time. The NEW patterns and beliefs for future generations can now begin down your ancestral line ~
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