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13th September 2014

13:9:14.      Henfield

Do not be too disappointed or down hearted if things do not always take off and progress
how you would think they should. You are only getting started on the journey towards your future
and you are not in the greatest position to see which avenues will lead you to the greatest end result.

Trust that the powers that be can better see from the higher perspective which roads will open up into the greatest opportunities and give the greatest range of possibilities for you. Follow the guidance you are given. 

Trust that what is not right for you and does not serve you best will be left behind for greater, better options
and opportunities will arrive and arise that will in fact serve you and your higher purpose far better. 

Keep focused with great Love and unwavering Faith on the vision you have and hold it dear
deep within your Heart. You will achieve and receive all that is meant to Be and come to pass.
Great things truly are on their way so keep on believing and enjoy everyday ~

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