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13th May 2016

As much as all roads lead to Rome it can be said that all experiences lead you home, to the centre of your heart, to the core of who you are. Remember that you are a unique human being born from a star. Each and everyone of you has come to lighten and brighten up the world. You are heavenly gifts bestowed upon the earthly realm to bring a sense of Wonder and Awe, Gratitude and Grace, Love and Compassion to the human race. The thing of greatest worth IS your time here on Earth. 

As complicated as it may seem all of life is but a dream. A fleeting moment in the time space continuum to be cherished and appreciated as such. Enjoy it more! much, much more! For when it is over you will be calling for an encore. Give the greatest performance of your life every day! in every way! This is NOT the rehearsal this IS your life!  Not anyone else's to choose to Be or not to Be, 'tis yours alone, for you to stand up and take responsibility for its every waking hour and Silent Wish. Tis time indeed when the world needs YOU to find your voice, to sing your OWN Heart song for one and all to singalong. 

Do not allow yourself to be overly influenced or distracted by the dramas of others, sisters or brothers, family, friends or lovers, teachers and preachers, governors or leaders. They are all here to help and guide YOUR heart and mind, this way or that, but NONE of them know what is truly best for YOU. NONE of them truly know who YOU are. They are all to some degree acting or projecting from their own point of view, and so should YOU. See your life as YOURS and make all choices from YOUR Heart. Only YOU have come as YOU, and have the power to truly BE the greatest YOU can BE. Be single-minded and openhearted, show the world you are just getting started!
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