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14th April 2014

Sometimes you have to make decisions to support another or to fulfil commitments to something greater than your personal goal. This does not mean you have to compromise your soul. There are many paths to one truth and there are many roads one may take that will arrive at the same destination. Sometimes too the road you originally planned to take may well have had less spectacular views along the way. It may have been more direct in getting you from A to B and yet not fulfilled the broader criteria of the perspective and experience that you gain and enjoy by a road less travelled. 

Everyman, or women has to find their own path and sometimes that means being led or directed by another or by following as part of a group or tribe. Other times it can mean breaking away from the predicted safety and security of the group or the tried and tested route prescribed by a master or leader and going it alone! Finding your own route home. This can be so much fun and exciting if you are a self assured and adventurous individual. Sometimes it does not serve you all to follow the directions of another be they a mentor, sister or brother. 

Sometimes it does you good to go out on your own, to set your own route finder to get you home and enjoy the journey into the unknown. You can use the knowledge and guidance from those who have wisdom and great knowledge to help you find your own way home. Sometimes you can learn a great deal by walking a new walk. You can then teach and learn by talking the new talk that you will develop as the expression of your own experiences and adventures that you encounter along the way.

Sometimes this can be very exciting and interesting and useful to share with others when you have the opportunity and occasion to captivate and motivate, entertain and inspire them with your magical and mystical tales and storytelling. If you were always to do as you are told and travelled the same path as all your friends where would be the uniqueness and surprise in your stories at the journey's end.

To sit around the fire and recount your tales of adventures and experiences you need to have dared to be different to have gone out of your way to have something unique and interesting to say. Your audience may well be captivated by some aspect of your story that only happened to you! 

You are doing very well indeed opening your own heart fully and releasing your own blocks.
Freeing your own creativity and natural energetic flow. Keep on going in the same direction and you will be flying high before you know. Learn what you can from your fellow man but also dare to be different dare to be you and you will be delighted by what you will find. Be brave, be free and lead by example with confidence and grace.
Be inspired and inspirational, life is a journey to behold not a race ~
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