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14th April 2017

'Tis the natural order of things to not know what the future brings ~
'Tis an unknown commodity, in an unknown quantity, of an unknown quality, in an unknown capacity! 
For until it becomes realised and starts to unfold it's story cannot be fully told for only then do you get to know which way the river will flow ~ It's direction forward is generally a given but quite where it will bend and turn you will only come to learn as you let go of the need to know and go with the natural rhythm and flow ~

Embrace the pace with a smile upon your face and love each day fully as it comes. Be conscious every minute of every hour and empower the present with your presence. That way you get to play an active part in the forming of your future rather than living as a victim of your fate. When you can operate from an awakened state of mind you will find you can actively create and thus dictate what you most strongly wish to become your new reality. Appreciate the gift of conscious living and be grateful for all the love and kindness and beauty in the world.

See life through the soft eyes of an open heart. Start to focus on all that is intrinsically good in people and in life. TRUST that what you think about you will indeed bring about and more of what you are grateful for will be drawn unto you and become manifest in your world. ''Tis the time of great transition, of mighty endings and exciting new beginnings ~ Release and let go of all you no longer wish to BE or to continue to see showing up in your life. 'Tis the time for reinvention, to defy convention and dare to be the GREATEST YOU CAN BE ! Tis time to SHINE your sublime uniqueness and incandescent light for ALL the world to see ✨
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