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14th August 2016

The crowning glory of anyone's story is the happy ever after ending. The tension however if the writing is clever is vitally important to bring the climactic celebration and elation in the end. Hold on tight as the story continues to unfold as the greatest most exciting and thrilling, rewarding and fulfilling, heart warming part is yet to be told! Write yourself an incredible role with plenty of passion and adventure, abundance and pleasure as you achieve your greatest goals. Be the greatest you can BE, put your heart and soul into every scene and give a winning performance. 

This is NOT the rehearsal, this IS your life! Be your own writer, performer and director. Take full responsibility for every aspect of the story of your life. Be compassionate and considerate towards your soul sisters and soul brothers, but you are the leading role in your story as they are the leading roles in their own. Listen to your own heart and soul to guide and direct you at all times. Always show yourself in your best light and be as authentic and inspirational as you can. Lead by shining example and enjoy every scene of the making of the whole story of your life.You are the master storyteller so the time has come to tell your greatest story ever ~
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