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14th February 2015

Happy Valenties Day ✨ Share the LOVE ❤️

Pure and simple from the Heart. Love comes and goes without words, or walls or boundaries.
It crosses time and space and energy. Love is of itself and unto itself. It needs no description or definition, it is what it is and it is eternal. Love is what is at the centre of all things. Love truly is where everything begins. Love is what we breath, love is what we need. Help feed humanity by being as loving as you can be, for when your Heart lights shine your souls can be fed ~

'Tis your responsibility then to yourself and all others to be as happy and as loving as you can be, for tis this glowing beaming Love that can transform the hearts and minds and lives of others. Find it first within yourself by connecting back to source. Laugh, take life lightly and enjoy your day to day living. Be happier every moment that you can for your happiness will be contagious. Your joy will be shared by others and the ripple effect will send your love further than you can imagine.

Open your Heart and free your mind. Let the joy that you find run freely out and touch the lives of others. Lead by example and SHINE your Heart light brightly All the time. Fear not the judgement of others or the false limitations you have upon your own behaviour. Leap out into the world with a smile upon your face. Spread your love, share your wisdom and join the revolution of the Heart. Reconnect to source and all other souls as a matter of course. 
Be love ~ Be loving ~ Be loved ~


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