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14th January 2015

Once in Royal David's city stood a lowly cattle shed. From such a meagre place a mighty man was born to Earth, a veritable King of Kings ~ From any given place a Phoenix may Rise ~Tis time indeed to let yourself be reborn on this day and to grow beyond your own expectations, beyond the humble beginnings from whence you came. Tis time indeed to step into the full magnificence of whom you were born to BE. Prophets are seldom recognised in their own lands and 'tis often the case with modern teaching of ancient wisdom. Be brave and confident that the Love and Light you bring would be welcomed by any King in any Kingdom,
for pure Love is what is needed most in any place on Earth.

Share your Love for 'tis a gift to the world. Spread your Light to help dispel the darkness in the shadowlands. Help people everywhere by daring to be seen, daring to be heard, daring to share your written words. Sharing yourself and sharing your Love will help heal the world. All people have great powers in their HEARTS but know not how to access it and to share their Love. Somehow in today's modern world people's lives have become SO busy and they have become so very stressed and stretched beyond all measure. They think and feel they have nothing left to give. They all feel somewhat hard done by and are keeping their hearts shut down. They are only allowing themselves the generosity of spirit that can surround them and affect them in the smallest of ways. 

These days however vast healing and generosity of spirit is what is needed most and can be found, given and received by one and ALL. All people have hearts that can feel, Love that can be projected and Light that can indeed help dispel all negativity. Love is an abundance that comes from source and has NO ending, no limit and no measure. Encourage all people to increase the flow of Love they receive and can then give out. Love is literally All around ~Breath it in, drink it in through your eyes and ears, and fill yourself up with the Joie de vie that is freely available to you one and all. Even a smile can change the way you feel about your day. Give them out and receive them back in return. Discover the currency of the Heart, kind words, gentle hugs, encouragement and compassion. Patience, guidance and support, a sympathetic ear or an open mind. Generosity comes in many kinds, so be as kind as you can be and become truly RICH ~

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