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14th January 2017

"Blue skies, nothing but Blue skies from now on" should be your theme tune and your heart song. For what you think about you do indeed bring about, so sing a HAPPY song and bring the good times ON! Conscious living means giving consideration to your thoughts and feelings not just allowing them to run the show however they feel fit to blow, here and there and everywhere. Put passion and firm belief into your chosen thoughts which will support you and give you strength along your chosen path.

Laugh daily and have fun along your way, for every second of every day is what makes the whole of your life, Not just the Highs you aim for or the Lows you have to endure. 'Tis vitally important to maintain a positive outlook and to expect a miracle at any minute, and a wonderful new opportunity at every turn! You will come to learn that YOU are so much more in command and control of your life than any of you can currently comprehend. If you take full responsibility of your ability to create, and actively choose the life you would most LOVE to live, then put your HEART and SOUL into achieving this goal. Then low and behold your kingdom will come much quicker than you think! 
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