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14th July 2014

All is one and connected not necessarily as you would perceive it to be so, but trust that it is so.
You do not need to know all that there is to know but indeed you do know a great deal more than you think!
For so much of your world is in silent harmony and its rhythm remains unseen. 

There is a value to everything a tiny butterfly wing and and Eagles screech from on high. From a tropical Corals bloom to a rolling Crocodiles eye. Every sight and scent and sound has a value, each fragment of light that splits into a rainbow of colour, every fractal of ice that is formed in true perfection. 

As mankind you give worth to things you consider of great value but sometimes, most times, you are sadly off the Mark! You perceive that money, fame and material goods are a measure of your worth, well to you they may well be but not ever in Heaven or even truly here on Earth. 'Tis who you are inside, you at your core where the true value of your soul is held most precious, you as pure Gold.

How your heart does indeed behave is where your own self worth should be assessed .
How much you help your fellow mankind to progress not just how to count your own personal success.
Do you feel good about yourself at your inner core? Or are you in fact not quite so sure and positive that all you have to show on the outside is not perhaps a little empty and shallow and does not go beyond your own vanity and selfish identity?

As 'humankind' you have a responsibility to be 'kind' to all humans. Not just self indulgent and unforgiving, unreasonable and self-centred . Yes you are the centre of your own universe,, the centre of your own world but as the almighty creator of your own world and your own life you have a huge responsibility to help, serve and protect ALL that is in your world, all that is in your life, it is your role to be responsible! 

To take care of the details the day to day running of your business. The business of your life ~ 
Your eating, your sleeping, your exercising, your expressing, your releasing, your hoping and dreaming and being. 'Tis also your business to create harmony on your world to give comfort where it is needed. To give your help and assistance as and when you can to make a huge positive difference to other peoples lives if you can.

These are the important things about going about your daily business. Not business for business sake making money at a ridiculous rate, counting the bottom line of profits and production.  Delusion and false illusion of being busy and productive successful and self important. Being of perceived great worth counting your own material wealth and judging yourself higher or better than anyone else.

These are your own false creations of measurement on the successful valuable scale. 
You are all as poor as paupers if you do not do what you need to do to secure the comfort and support of anyone else. Life is not about living just for yourself, it is about Loving and giving, sharing and caring.
There is a lot more joy in the act of giving than can ever truly be felt by solely receiving.
Give generously of your time, your heart and your mind.

Share what you can with your fellow man. Be it your time your money or your wisdom. There are many things you all do have that are hugely valuable in the giving. Love, healing, comfort, support, inspiration, encouragement, direction, protection. A hug, a kiss, a cuddle, a smile ~ Stop a while and just take a look at how the balance sheet would look of your own generosity of Spirit. Could you improve your outgoings? 

For what you give out is what you shall get back. Be more generous with all your gifts.
Your advice, your kindness, your forgiveness, your willingness, your openness, your imagination, your music, your song, your movement, your dance. Your dreams, your thoughts , your ideas, your words. Share what you can with your fellow man, woman, child, friend or lover. Be a GIVER of ALL that you have to give 
and see what it is to truly be of great worth ~ 
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