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14th November 2013

14*11*13      Swaziland~ South Africa

Near far wherever you are across all time space and the Universe there is a density and vibration to all manner of things. Mighty great planets and the tiniest things micro organisms and Angels wings. Some are clearly visible and are right in your face for obvious detection and recall whilst others exist on a more subliminal plane unobservable to the naked human eye but still clearly present on the more sensitive subtle vibrational plane.

'Tis this heightened sense of awareness that you are all embarked upon a journey to achieve so you can read the signs and symbols that are omnipresent to assist with your souls orientation. Your egoic mind has indeed created your own reality by supplying you with the catalogue of reference for your individual being but the time has come to put away the limited information of your childhood explanation of all that there is and of how it has decided That it is!

For where there was once a limited edition that has become your trusted frame
of reference you are now here to become members of the greatest Reference Library of all time, with information available from everything that has ever been in existence systematically and schematically registered and collected for instant access. Every Hope, Fear, Dream, Smile, Kiss, Tear, Thought, Possibility and Potential. Everything imaginable and beyond~

There is information way beyond your physical minds limited capacity to believe. Information in fact it is only possible to receive and not comprehend or understand. The like of which will blow your mind if you try and contain it in your HEAD.
Feel and receive it from a higher source feel it with your extra sensory self, embrace it with confidence that it comes from the true reservoir of all information and that it is there for you to reset your orientation. For if your personal orientation is of a far less limited kind you can all benefit from the possibilities of a truly expanded mind.
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