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14th November 2016

Tangible strength can be found from within when Fear and Reluctance are no longer obstructions, for then Transformation and HEALING can begin ~ What you resist persists, so as soon a you decide to go with the flow without having to know where this emotional roller coaster will take you, the sooner you comprehend, there is a Beginning a Middle and an END. Then you can hold on to your hat and enjoy the ride for there will be highs as well as lows and everyone knows it can be thrilling if you are willing to give it a try ~

By daring to go to the LOW you can release it so you can return to the HIGH where your spirits can FLY~ By embracing oscillation you can remove the frustration of being stuck or rigid or blocked. ''Tis of vital importance to maintain the momentum of change and adaptability when the world is in such a state of flux, and so many people are panicked and shocked. Guidance and direction can offer hope to those in need. BE STRONG, be FLEXIBLE, be compassionate and forgiving. Stay in the flow of LOVE and Expansion. GROW beyond your false limitations and GO beyond your own greatest expectations. BE THE GREATEST and BRAVEST YOU CAN BE ✨✨✨✨

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