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14th October 2013

That for which you are about to receive you will all feel extremely grateful indeed.

For its assistance will relieve the resistance to you flying away alone.

The benefits in time from you freeing up your mind will be manifold in kind.

Your teaching and healing will thus be far reaching. Helping all people by helping yourself is not just a selfish indulgence! Tis a necessary thing to do to become the greatest you. To touch the centre of your being by embracing your full potential.


The power that lies within could lighten up the sky. Dare to go within and become familiar with the flame that is in your core. Learn to love it and use it for it can be a great guiding light for you all. Teach others then to turn up their own flames and together you can achieve incandescence indeed!

This will brighten everyone's lives way more than you can see- exponentially ~
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