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15th December 2013

15*12*13 ~ Henfield

Step forward with great confidence for you are always moving in the right direction. Your life is unfolding to a Divine order exactly as it is meant to do. Trust that you are already being exactly who, what and how you are meant to be. Then see there is no room or indeed no need for any self doubt about anything at all for ALL is as it is meant to BE ~

Keep on following the natural flow of your life and truly receive your life in all its magical wonderful ness rather than trying to work it out and make it happen how you think it should do. The Universe can always be more creative and generous , abundant and joyful than you in its magical way of delivering your life with the greatest ease and grace ~ 

Surrender to this and wait and see just how truly amazing and wonder full your life will be. Great things are coming and you have many exciting times and adventures ahead. Be open to receiving them each and every day and delight in every second of your life. It is a gift that just gets better and better ~

To celebrate the start of a whole new year with good friends and family sets a wonderful tone for a joyful and abundant, magical year 
filled with sparkle, light and LOVE ~

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