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15th December 2015

A heart full of stars and a head filled with Love are the gifts sent from the Heavens above for you to receive and enjoy in the present. 'Tis veritably the time of year to wish good will to all mankind. Tis the season of celebration when the glad tidings you bring help raise the vibrations across all the nations by spreading joyous ripples of PEACE and appreciation. 

The great Love that you share can flow out into the world and everywhere. Tis the most incredible wave of positivity that engulfs the whole planet wrapping the world in comfort and joy. Be generous with your thoughts and kind with your words for this is how the Love in your soul can be heard. You are all pure LOVE in your core, Rich and Bountiful, Abundant and Golden so be joyful and triumphant for who could ask for more ~

When you realise you have it ALL inside and that the entire cosmos resides in your heart you can become open to start receiving ALL the abundance of Health, Wealth, Prosperity, Happiness, Joy, Wisdom, Beauty and Grace the infinite Universe can provide. Make Love your goal and let the light of your soul be your gift to the world this Christmas time. Open your heart and Shine, Shine, Shine. ~
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