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15th February 2016

The time has come to get up and run towards your future with no delay. Believe me when I say the next exciting phase of your life has just begun. Every day is a step further away from what your life had become, and is a leap forward towards the golden blissfulness of what is yet to come. TRUST is a must at all times and right now you do not know quite HOW or WHERE or WHEN you will take to the sky and FLY but trust that you WILL. The future is BRIGHT the future is GOLDEN and bathed in AGAPE LOVE and ABUNDANCE. TRUST your time has truly come ~

Command from your core ALL the support and guidance, love and protection, prosperity and direction that you seek and require, for this to be your finest hour. You have great, great ideas and a mighty vision of what can be done to help your fellow man. To raise vibrations across the nations is a vital and important plan. To do what you can ALL do to become the bravest greatest you, will serve your highest self and bring you all a wealth of wondrous experiences and rewards. You cannot afford to doubt or disbelieve what you are about to receive for 'tis truly on its way, for your future starts TODAY ~

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