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15th June 2015

When indeed the times does come for you to do what needs to be done you will surely all play your part as that is the blueprint written in your hearts. Listen to this call for it comes from deep within 'tis not made in the outside world, tis not formed from audible sound, tis something far more subtle and yet far more profound. Be still and at peace as you allow your heart to release its deepest hidden treasure. Silence is golden for it is the key to unlocking what lies in the realm of possibility, for it transcends the limitations in your mind and current reality.

Spend a measure of each day in silent contemplation, in a state of Peace and gratitude, of high vibration. If this is upon your waking or indeed at a time of your own making allow your thoughts to settle and the silent voice in your heart to be heard above and beyond any other word from your head. Listen instead to the yearnings and wisdom you hold within by silencing the chatter of your head. Listen instead to the dreams of becoming from the Gold in your Heart.

You ALL have a great richness held deep inside. This is not something to ignore, to be ashamed of or feel you should hide. Dare to give it a chance listen to your own hearts calling. Decide to TRUST that your own Heart must have your own best interests at Heart! Embrace with a smile upon your face this loving guidance and direction, suggestion or idea that you know like you know like you know. Even if it does not feel so certain or sincere, but you do know it to be so, to be the truth because it resonates with your own vibration right into the centre of your core.

It may well be a tiny voice, a tiny choice, a tiny snippet of an idea or dream. Give it the benefit of your love and attention. Give it your belief and your time to enable it to grow into a powerful thing full of great potential. You give it strength with your own energy and focus for it is your silent calling, your hearts desire and your hearts secret wish. You are a unique individual and there is no other like you to give a voice to your TRUTH. Tis yours alone to bring forth unto the world, it is expressly you.

Now is the time to heed the call to make changes in your lives to actually pursue your highest calling. Life is not just for the living in a blind folded day to day fashion. It is an opportunity to express your self and your unique presence here on Earth, 'tis your unique individual gift from birth to bring for into the world all that your heart has held within it. You have come to make a difference and the difference is YOU. each and everyone of you has a role, even if your goal is not clear, you are without doubt definitely meant to be here.

 Wake up to that idea, let go of smallness and fear, TRUST that you are here for a reason and that it is time to Shine brightly as the unique individual you are. To BE who you have come to be. Dare to see what that could be, dare to BE what that could BE. Allow your own potential to rise above all disbelief, doubt false limitation or restriction. Follow your own inner voice with true conviction. You are all here to do great things, be loving and be loved, be kind and generous be gentle and be a conscious citizen of significance.

Each and every one of you are important and have only to remember this inside. Too many individuals have resigned themselves to oblivion, to conformity or submission to the ideas projected by others to the helpless, useless, hopeless path of survival over THRIVING and providing any thing else to humanity other than being a good worker being, a good silent sleeper being, a good doing being rather than a whole hearted, fully satisfied creative passionate BEING. Inspire all others to reach for the stars in their own Hearts to BE the stars they truly are, then lead by example and be all that you have come to BE ~
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