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15th March

When the time is right you will begin to pour out your heart and unfold your wings.
For the you yea shall be revealing will in fact be greatly healing for areas of your life and times
that may seem strange and somewhat confusing will all become clear and take on a different meaning. 

For nothing is what it seems past life memories, current reality or future dreams.
What if all were to be seen as one and the same only to be experienced again and again and again.
Different times, different people, different places, different stories, different outcomes, different faces. 

What if all of life were a mixing pot and depending what you put in during past incarnations
and whatever experiences you got dictates the colour and flavour and variety of things to come?
Rich dark times, light delicate scented moments, aromatic memories and delights, high notes and base tones,
and everything in between. Black and white and plenty of shades of grey!
Good times, bad times, happy and sad times, short lives, long lives some being lived in hope, others in fear
some in pursuit of happiness and some in the pursuit of becoming wise.

All is good this should be understood for once it is in the mix it can enhance the value and outcome of the whole.
If the depth and breadth of time were to be seen as a single line then you would expect to see all the variations
that can be derived from all the possibilities a single line can demonstrate. For life is a multidimensional thing
happening in and out of physical form and does not just start from the moment you are born.

Tis a far more complex operation than what can simply be observed for tis an on going experience
that is being played out across the passage of time which is infinite in its essence and can not be thus defined.
The circle of life does indeed encapsulate the journey of the soul from the beginning of time across many miles and life times.
From total innocence as its origin with total enlightenment and reunion with source as its ultimate goal. 

Tis in fact a magnificent saga with marvellous twists and turns and surprises.
A real page turner of a story richly crafted from memory and imagination for both spring from the same source.
The ongoing tale of Love and Life on the earthly realm. Same soul journeying across different open seas
with a new personality and identity at the helm.Travelling ever onwards towards the far horizon.

Sailing along as part of a flotilla of ships, all sailing in the same direction providing guidance and protection
and company for each other. Entering unchartered waters and encountering new adventures along the way,
journeying on together once more to some distant undiscovered shore. 
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