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15th November 2013

15*11*13.   Swaziland ~ South Africa

Since the dawn of time there has always been a rhythm and a rhyme the like of which had never been heard. This ancient song carries on and on and on and on ~
Not only is it sung and repeated by the beauty and sound of the birds in the trees and the rocks in the ground. Every single thing has its very own song to bring to the world and has some particular uniqueness it is longing to be heard.

This difference is celebrated and displayed in the individual image shape and form of the thing and is described and differentiated by its own vibrational ring. Each colour Blue Sky, Red Earth, Green Leaf, Pink Lightening expresses a myriad of subtle shades and combinations to help dictate their place and standing in the whole. Combinations and variations of the essence of the sameness are what shape and create ALL things in the world, time space and everything.

From the tiniest Soldier Ant to the soaring Eagle in flight there are incredible variations on the size and scale of things, the matter and form, density and delicateness, transparency and opacity. The vibrations of which create the unique notes they do omit that play their part in the harmony and magnificence of the song of LIFE, of existence in its purest essence, as an expression of the microcosm of the macrocosm.

The oneness of everything is in tune with the heart beat of the Mother Earth and breaths the very life force from the Father in the Sky. All is as it should be the union of the two, the Divine Masculine and Feminine.
As is above so is below, the ONENESS on show ~
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