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15th November 2014

Ancient wisdom come from afar, ancient wisdom come from a star ~
You carry the essence of greatness as all people do, so focus on its presence and become the greatest you!
Choose to be the greatness that is within you, and lead by shining example for all others to choose to shine more brightly too.
Fill the world with extra loving light for that is what is needed most. There has always been darkness around
and only light can transform it, so Let there be Light✨

Ignite the brightness in all whom you encounter, aim to teach and inspire those you meet and whose hearts you can reach.
Share your loving words of wisdom and kindness in whichever ways you can.
Help your fellow man by shining as brightly as you can, illuminate the path.
Be a way see er and a leader, a teacher and a seeker.
Be the Star you know you are ~


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