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16th August 2014

Breath deep and release all anger pain and grief, the space you will find that is left behind will come as a wonderful great RELEIF. To let go is such a blessing, to be relieved of all the things over which you have been stressing.
If you all do choose to tune in you can indeed benefit from the great wisdom you will receive. 

'Tis all a question of focus, inward or outward, up down or along! Focus forward ever onwards and set out your stall of intensions. Do not keep on looking backwards, release all your past negative tension.
Let it all slide give it no place to hide so that it will not silently and perniciously within you still reside.

Clear out all outmoded thoughts and feelings. Start believing in your BRIGHT NEW FUTURE and celebrate its manifestation in your world on a daily basis. Believe in yourself and your immense ability to create.
Set your sights high way up in the sky and allow the Universe to support you in achieving your dreams. 

Belief and TRUST are your daily musts! Believe in yourself and your own abilities and TRUST in the Universe responding in kind to your vision of self worth and self fulfilment of your own full potential here on Earth.
You are ALL here for a reason so let that reason be LOVE. 

Tune in and just get started even if you have been broken hearted now is the time to TRUST to love and truly decide to fully LIVE again. Find your own zest for life decide that you want your own heart to sing once more with the JOY and vibrancy of all that is good in your world All that is Divine and blessed in the Universe. 

Sing and let every cell in your body expand and ring with the same harmonious high vibration.
'Tis time indeed to RELEASE and replace all negative thoughts and traits habits and defaults
with clean clear good intensions aims and aspirations.

The power of thought needs to be taught as it is one of your most misunderstood and misinterpreted tools for creating the world you wish to experience and inhabit. Think with your heart and feel with your mind.
Take charge of your own projections and become the master of your own divine Universe .

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