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16th August 2015

The fabric of life is interwoven within the fabric and fibre of the entire universe and beyond. For the apparent random chaos of the Cosmos holds hidden keys, the veritable building blocks and vital threads of creation, gravity, time, space, energy, fusion, matter, anti matter, carbon, helium, nitrogen, oxygen and LIGHT ✨

Spun together in various ways producing all kinds of elements and waves. Ebbs and flows, visible and unmeasurable some clearly discernible, some purely magical. There is a beautiful unity in the oneness of everything. The light and the dark, the positive and negative, the fixed and the volatile, the sacred and profane. ALL are part and one and the same.

By understanding the total connectedness of everything, thought , action, reaction you can begin to understand and perhaps to comprehend the workings of the world and yourselves and your significance in the mighty scheme of things. There are simultaneous realities as sure as you can be in two minds about a thing. One chain of thought can lead you to one reality and another can ensure you arrive at a very different outcome just as real. 

Think kindly , act wisely, for every thought is an energetic form and does hold the same weight in significance as such. Think loving thoughts of PEACE and harmony and that IS what reality will be created around you. You emit the vibrational pattern the universe will respond to and produce. A direct response to your energetic and vibrational intention, like for like it will build your reality according to your own specific design.

Therefore be very aware of the exact details you wish to encounter, the people, circumstances and situations for you are creating them all on an unseen yet very powerful level.You ARE the masters of the Universe for you do all call the shots, you do get to design your reality but have thus far this concept totally misunderstood!

You have been misled and misinformed by those who would seek to control and dominate. To prosper and gain for their own selfish needs, wants and desires. They have formulated complicated ways to keep you all enslaved and subjugated to their power hungry ways! Now though the time has come to break free from their imposed reality and to start creating with a passion from your own HEARTS ~

Love is the greatest resonance of all. It alone is the building block of greatest worth it is the most important vibration in the entire Cosmos, and definitely here upon the Earth. Develop a greater capacity to Love and be Loved. Allow the free flow from your heart to connect with the divine love in all others sisters, brothers, enemies or lovers.

Beam your GOLDEN LIGHT of LOVE right from your core. Know like you know like you know that it will make an incredible positive difference to everything in existence and beyond. It is the single most powerful energy that can transcend time and space, it can defy gravity and all laws of chemistry, physics, mathematics, sense, reason or explanation.

Love is pure, Love IS the source. Tap into and use the vast infinite supply that can be found all around deep in the ground and high in the sky. ALL is one ALL is Love. BE One with this most powerful force, Be One ~ Be Source ~ Let go of all false limitations and start creating the world you wish to live in and the reality you wish to experience. YOU are the radiance so shine brightly and powerfully BEAM like the SUN ✨
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