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16th January 2016

Tis a veritable day of days for the future lays outstretched from this point on as a mighty different scene and setting for your incredible swan song. For what you are about to receive and to achieve are monumental, transformational and sensational. You are truly Inspirational and many millions of people will benefit from and be deeply grateful for your high hopes and dreams for giving them direction and something genuinely hopeful and aspirational.

All of the people from all of the nations need something incredible to feed their minds, to sooth their sorrows, to restore their faith and belief in better tomorrows. Many souls are here to achieve the same goal, to unite and spread LOVE, to make a clear and positive difference in the world. To spread true Wisdom and Grace amongst the human race, to collaborate with one another all sisters and brothers to fill the world with good vibrations.

Be the way shower you know yourself to be. Lead by example with courage, confidence and Grace. Give clear intention and direction to your every thought and action. See your plans in action and your support in place. See yourself happy and content knowing you have spent your time and energy wisely. Be at great PEACE and filled with great LOVE for you are guided and protected by the Angels at all times and greatly Blessed from the Heavens above  ~

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