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16th September 2014

'Tis the cosmic order of things that dictates the vibration at which all of life does ring. From the mighty Oaks to the tiniest leaves, from the fish in the seas to the birds in the tress. Even the various songs with which the birds do sing
and the multitude of patterns found upon butterflies wings. Variety is the spice of life and transformation is the key. 

For the tiny acorn to become the mighty Oak and for the contented caterpillar to gain the ability to fly
ALL must be prepared to change and grow. You cannot stay fixed and not willing to try, you have to keep moving be willing to change and evolve as much as possible before your time down here is over and you are released from the Earthly plane and your opportunities to grow and evolve down here cease! 

Once you are no longer here you will keep evolving as all spirit does but you will no longer be able to play the game incarnate with a body and a name! Live as broadly and as fully as you can. Life is an experience to delight in for it may be sometime before you get the opportunity to reincarnate again! Live it now, love it now for you will miss it all when you are gone . Be Happy, smile and carry on ~ 

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