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17th February 2015

You are an eloquent star who's dulcet tones and light will travel far illuminating the hearts and minds of people everywhere. For the Love you share is like a beacon of Hope in a long dark night of despair ~ 
Comfort will be available to those in need for your soothing words of guidance and reassurance will go a long long way to carry them through until the break of day ~

The darkest hour is always before dawn when people's spirits are low and their Fears appear Real. 'Tis the absence of light that creates negative thoughts and focus which then creates negative feelings and situations that become their dark reality. Every drop of light and kindness shared can go a long way to help dispel the darkness and help restore the belief that a new day is on its way and will very soon be dawning.

Have faith for the sun always rises out of the depths of the darkest sky,
And the F.alse E.vidence that A.ppeared to be R.eal can be seen for what it is in the fresh light of day. 
Let the illusion drop away and the fear be transformed into Love for the power of light cannot be denied.
It can illuminate the way out of the darkest hours and restore the balance of power to the positive side.
Shine brightly, Share your words and spread your Love both far and widely, daily and nightly ~


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