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17th May 2015

Four three two one ~ and then it was begun.'Tis far simpler than you all consider to really connect deeply on a cellular level and on an inspirational level, to all that is in existence in your current reality and all that you would aspire to achieve and embrace on every other plane. Open your heart and let go of all the mindless mind chatter, all the negative natter, and allow yourself to be refilled with Beauty Love and Grace ~

The world and its Earthly realm are an incredible magnificent place to be. To live and thrive, to realise ALL that is beautiful and magical about LIFE and the gift you are all given to simply BE here. Appreciate the gift of conscious living by being grateful for every breath on every day. All else is bonus, is extra, the joy of sharing your time with your fellow beings and sharing the same earthly experience. It may not be the same for you all for even one minute on any given day, but you are all here to stay come what may, so embrace with a smile upon your face what it means to be alive in this tangible realm, this Earth, this home since your birth.

The times they are a changing and they are a changing for the mighty GOOD. The good of all mankind and particularly of ALL WOMANKIND. For the time has come to activate a different state of being and existence upon this earthly realm. For too long the power has been in the dominion of the Masculine with structure and competition, aggression and oppression, strength and power, leadership and dominance, certainty and ability as Key. To how the planet and societies everywhere have progressed and amassed all their so called success and stability without the sensibility and responsibility that is required at this present hour.

By moving into a new paradigm, a greater higher dimension of living in the Feminine where intuition and connectedness are KEY. Where shared responsibility is embraced and encouraged to care for and develop greater systems of living in oneness with each other, and a natural heart energy that freely flows in a divinely connected fashion. Where an all inclusive, non exclusive movement can nurture and heal, Love and feel what and where and when is most required to help all sentient beings and Mother Earth herself, to not only survive but to grow healthily and THRIVE. This shift in human consciousness is well on its way and as soon as it hits critical mass it will be here to stay~

It is gaining in power every day and every hour with incredible individuals and empowered souls actually opening up their hearts and doing their parts to inspire and lead by example. There are brilliant teachers and guides, role models and mothers, sisters and brothers who appreciate and are instigating better decision making and ways to embrace more conscious living.By giving instead of expecting to receive, by loving instead of judging, by embracing instead of denying, by allowing and trusting life to be ALL the greatness it can be rather than forcing or trying to control your destiny. Naturalness is the Key, connectedness is best. Be a beacon of Hope to help humanity. 

When your sisters and brothers are in need send all the love and light you hold in your heart out into the world to help them. Thing not they are too far away for you to do anything that could bring them any comfort or joy, in their times and hours of need. In their suffering their fear or despair. Show them you DO care by sending LOVE and connectedness. Be grateful for all the Love and comfort and blessings you have in your own life. Use this heart felt gratitude to send as an energetic gift straight to the ones in need. Send it as a feeling, a colour, a message, a kiss, a wish, a poem,  a prayer. However you feel just FEEL the Love and Gratitude and focus it for the common good of helping and comforting your fellow man in need. 

Gratitude is an attitude and they say that Love is the drug that can heal when applied to the pain and suffering heartache and fear of your brothers and sisters in need. Help feed the hearts and minds of humanity by seeing all the good in the world and the very best in each other.See the full potential of every being you encounter. You are all here with the same potential to beam out Love and light and maybe with a little extra time and encouragement from you, those around you might just be inspired to ignite their own flames of self belief, to overcome their pain of tragedy, heartache or grief, and to have their own hearts sing with the delight of being valued and required to play their vital part in the journey of the one connected HEART ~
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